8 Maintenance Tips for Split-Type AC

A split-type air conditioning unit may be more efficient in terms of cooling and ventilation. However, it also needs tender loving care to keep it that way. Find out what you need to know to maintain your split-type AC to keep it in good working order and avoid more expensive AC repair.

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Benefits of a Split-Type AC

An efficient cooling system in your home is crucial for comfortable living and health for you and your family. Some might think that a centralized HVAC system installation is the only option to properly ventilate multiple areas in the house.

However, that’s not the case. A split-type air conditioning unit can help you achieve the same level of efficiency in cooling and ventilation while costing much less. When purchasing an HVAC split-system unit, it’s like buying 2 appliances for the price of one. Complete with remote control and in-room thermostat this AC type can allow you to control zones of heating and cooling in the house.

Homes that use air ducts as part of the cooling system lose 30% of the cooled air. Split-type AC systems on the other hand can efficiently deliver and filter the air around them. This unit does not also need a ducting system, so you don’t have to spend more on AC installation

Additionally, it doesn’t needlessly blow cooled-off air every time it’s turned on; as that can waste electricity. Instead, it sucks up all the humidity and moisture in the air, allowing for low-energy and low-cost cooling. 

How to Maintain a Split-Type AC

While you can call on an AC cleaning service to clean and check for possible issues, you can also do it yourself:

  • Clean the air filters (or replace them when necessary)

Pet dander can quickly clog up your filters so vacuum daily

Having an air filter that is clogged up by dirt, dust, and grime can reduce the AC’s life by at least half. Since the split system is ductless, it is less able to deal with small particles for longer periods; making them more prone to clogs.

A sure sign of an AC unit having clogged air filters is reduced efficiency, wherein it’s unable to produce the same amount of cooled air compared to its original setting. This can lead to a reduced efficiency rate of 20%, which can significantly increase your electric bills as well.

To keep this from happening, make sure to clean your air filters at least once a month, especially during summer when it’s constantly used. Vacuuming the house daily can also help especially if you have furry pets. 

However, if the clogging is too much you can also opt to replace them with a new one. Before buying a replacement, check the filter type and size first based on width, height, and depth to ensure that it fits perfectly. 

  • Keep the compressor clean

A compressor’s main job in an AC unit is to increase the pressure of the refrigerant. Doing so increases the temperature of the refrigerant, which will then be transported to the evaporator for cooling.

However, if the compressor is dirty, then it would be less efficient at pressure and volume manipulation, which can affect the entire system’s performance. When you clean your air filters, make sure to check on the compressor as well and remove any dust and grime.

You can also use specialized oil (designed for AC units) to polish and coat it for durability and longevity. Since the compressor is usually the most expensive part of the system, it would be wise to entrust its upkeep to AC maintenance experts.

  • Regularly check the evaporator coil and replace it when needed

Evaporator coils are not really prone to dirt and dust but rather wear and tear due to constant use. Among all the parts of the AC unit, the evaporator coil is the one that’s often replaced or repaired earlier than others.  

You might think that these replacements will be costly, but they’re actually a good investment because they will maintain the efficiency of the AC system. By buying a new evaporator coil, you’ll be able to optimize the performance of your unit. 

  • Regularly check and clean the condenser coil

Condenser coils are the specific part of your AC that allows it to process the absorbed air efficiently. This component is the one that receives the unfiltered air first, so dust and dirt are prone to stick to it.

When cleaning your condenser coil, you can simply use a water hose to spray off the grime. Just make sure to control the pressure and dry up all the components before plugging the unit on again.

  • Turn off and unplug when not needed 

AC units are especially useful during the summer. However, during the holidays and cold seasons, you won’t need it anymore, unless it is an HVAC unit. Even though the AC unit is not used, if it’s still plugged on, then it will consume electricity to keep its parts ready for use. 

Like all mechanical or electrical devices, an AC also needs to be completely shut down to lengthen its life. A complete shutdown for any appliance is to unplug it from its energy source. 

  • Let expert technicians do a thorough check at least once per year

Calling in experts in HVAC repair to do a yearly check-up on your AC unit is a good investment. You might think it is unnecessary and opt to call them only when there are problems, but doing so will not prevent future issues.

Instead of waiting for preventable repairs to be necessary, why not lessen their possibility through regular cleaning, check-up, and maintenance?

  • Keep the outdoor unit clean

Split-type systems usually have a component that is found outside the home, the outdoor unit. Due to its location, it will be exposed to more dirt and dust. Since it’s outside, you might forget to dust and clean them as well.

That should not be the case, as the outdoor unit is still part of the system. Any issue affecting the outdoor unit will affect the whole system and can even spread the issue to the indoor unit as well if ignored. Make sure that no pests are nesting within the unit.

  • Keep the area around the unit clear

Keep the area clear of the external unit from foliage and other things

One of the advantages of a split unit is that it consumes less space than other AC unit types. Ductless and compact, it can be convenient for small spaces. However, for it to perform at optimized levels, it has to be given enough space.

The indoor unit needs to be placed at least 4 feet away from other objects so it can be more efficient at absorbing air and filtering dust. The same goes for the outdoor unit as well. Check that no plants are near it.

Maintaining your AC unit is not a one-time job. It has to be done regularly to ensure that its efficient operational life is extended. For split-type models, their repair and maintenance are almost similar to average HVAC maintenance with certain alterations.

This process can seem costly, but it’s a good investment that will save you more money in the future. It will prevent expensive repairs and extensive unit damage not to mention the cost of buying another AC as a replacement.

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