Winnipeg Air Conditioner Installation

Nobody wants to face the brutal summer heat without a working air conditioning (AC) unit. If you think you need assistance with your Winnipeg air conditioner installation or replacement, count on Abundant Air. Act now and prepare your living or office space for the hottest months of the year.


Our years of experience in the business of providing quick and excellent quality services to each of our clients have made us the most trusted HVAC company in Winnipeg. Whatever AC problems you have, we will respond to your calls quickly and arrive at your place with industry-grade tools and equipment. We get the job done ASAP. Our Winnipeg air conditioner installation professionals are certified to operate in both residential and commercial establishments and ensure that we performed the task beyond comparison.

Signs You Need a New Winnipeg Air Conditioner Installation Service

If you have old air conditioner AC units that no longer respond to repairs, then maybe it is time to go shopping for a new AC system to keep your living space cool and refreshing all throughout the summer.

  • Lack of Cool Air or Insufficient Air Flow
    If your AC unit fails to produce cool air within a few minutes, it can indicate a problem. The lack of cool air and restricted airflow can be due to a clog in the piping or ductwork. Unfortunately, the lack of airflow and cool air will not resolve on their own and must be dealt with immediately.
  • High Utility Bills
    If there is a sudden surge in your utility bill, the culprit could be your old AC unit. When air conditioning systems age, their efficiency and functionality decrease. This can contribute to rising energy costs.
  • Moisture Buildup
    The presence of moisture or leakage around your AC could indicate a refrigerant leak. This problem does not only affect the performance of your unit but also poses a serious health risk to you and other members of the household. Moisture buildup inside the unit can be a thriving ground for mould.
  • Loud Noise
    Hearing unusual noises, such as grinding, squealing, or scraping, when your AC is turned on can mean that its belt has moved out of place.
  • Foul Smell
    If you notice your AC emitting a strong odour, it could be a sign of a burned-out wire within your unit. On the other hand, a musty scent indicates mould growth inside the unit or the ductwork. Make sure to address this problem quickly to prevent potential health problems.

Air Conditioning Installation Specialists in Winnipeg You Can Rely On

Providing fast and reliable installation service is our top priority. As your one-stop-shop for all your HVAC services needs, we understand the importance of having a fully functional air conditioning system whether in your home or in the office. Our AC installation Winnipeg specialists will help you choose the best AC size for your home, replace existing parts if necessary, and make sure that your new AC unit works to the manufacturer’s specifications.



The Abundant Air team is 24/7 ready whenever our Winnipeg clients require quick air conditioning unit replacement. Whether it is a central air conditioning system or window AC installation, we handle every task carefully and diligently. We understand that you want the job done quickly to minimize discomfort and maximize saving. We do not only take care of your comfort — we ensure a hassle-free AC service without delay.



With Abundant Air, We operate with no surprise pricing. Our service providers for air conditioner installation in Winnipeg will provide you with a detailed estimate before starting the project, which means that you will only pay the price we quoted for our AC installation services. You do not have to pay extra charges for jobs that take longer than we expected.

FAQs: Winnipeg Air Conditioner Installation

  • When should I start considering an air conditioner installation?

A central air conditioner unit has an average service life of 10 to 15 years. If your AC is nearing the end of its life, then NOW is the best time to think about your options. Planning ahead can help you start looking into new cooling equipment and reliable installers to assist you in finding the best AC unit that is within your budget. 

  • How much does an air conditioner installation in Winnipeg cost?

When it comes to air conditioner installation, there is no definite price tag. Several factors can affect the cost of the service.

    • System Capacity: The cost of air conditioner installation in smaller houses is relatively cheaper because they only require smaller air conditioning units. On the other hand, the cost is more expensive in larger homes since they require bigger AC units. 
    • Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient AC systems cost more since they use advanced technology to keep your indoor air cool with less consumption of energy. 
    • Your Home: Your new home air conditioner may require duct repairs or new duct installations to ensure proper operation of the unit. Additional costs, such as upgrading the thermostats and adding a zoning system can also increase the cost.

Schedule a service call with our AC installation specialist today at (204) 674-4568, and we will send out one of our team members as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free estimates on quality air conditioning installation in Winnipeg.

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